Our Pool Covers

Sun Covers Pool Covers are beautifully crafted solar blankets, ideal for in-ground or above-ground pools of any shape or size.

Our pool covers are designed to save you money; effectively preventing costly pool chemicals from evaporating, in addition to dramatically increasing the efficiency of your pool's heater. Our covers are unique in that they retain the sun's heat with solar air cells, raising your pool temperature anywhere from 10-15˚F.

If you order an oversized pool cover, you can easily trim the edge with a regular pair of scissors. If you require a custom oversized cover, please call us at 1-877-544-2683 or email info@suncoverscanada.ca for a quote.

Learn more about the different thickness options below:


SUNMAXX - 5 Year Pool Cover - 11mil - Navy

sunmaxx solar blanketThe Sunmaxx 11mil Sun Cover is available in a deep navy colour, and is suitable for both above and in ground pools in Canada. With top quality material and extremely strong seams, its no wonder that this solar blanket is available with a 5 year warranty!

The Sunmaxx is one of the thicker solar blankets we offer, which means that less heat escapes your pool. As a result, you will notice an improvement on the temperature of your pool, and less chemical costs due to Sunmaxx’s ability to significantly reduce chemical evaporation.



PLATINUM - 5 Year Pool Cover - 14mil - Magnum Blue

platinum solar blanketA customer favourite, the Platinum 14mil Sun Cover is available in a stunning Magnum Blue, and is the thickest pool cover available. This particular pool cover is the most profitable investment for an in ground or above ground pool, as it is the most effective at containing heat from the sun’s rays, and preventing the evaporation of costly chemicals.

Enjoy all of the free heating that the sun has to offer! As our most advanced solar blanket, you will enjoy its cost saving benefits for many seasons, thanks to the Sun Cover’s lengthy 5 year warranty.

Enjoy the 10-15 degree temperature increase that this advanced, ultra-thick, solar blanket offers.



GOLD - 5 Year Pool Cover - 11mil - Blue / Clear

clear solar blanketThe Gold 11mil Sun Cover is available in a marine blue or clear colour. Each and every swimming season, the Gold pool cover will continuously prove that it’s a cost saving addition to any above or in ground pool!

The thousands of tiny air pockets capture and store the heat from the sun’s rays, and effectively transfer it to your pool’s water. The Gold Sun Cover has proven to raise pool temperatures by an astounding 10-15 degrees! The UV-stabilized resin material is suitable for our hot, Canadian summers, and has an impressive 5 year warranty.



SILVER - 3 Year Pool Cover - 8mil - Blue / Clear

blue solar pool coverOur Silver 8mil Sun Cover comes in an attractive blue, or crystal clear colour, and will save you money on utility costs!

This solar pool cover is transparent enough to allow the sun’s rays to heat your swimming pool water. Its design and unique chemical formula provides an efficient and long lasting pool cover, and greatly reduces water loss, chemical and heating costs.

The Silver Pool Cover is a durable product that will save you money on chemicals and utility bills for years to come.



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Real Testimonials
“Very easy transaction. I phoned and was answered straight away. I placed the order and it arrived very quickly. I shopped around before I bought the cover and Sun Covers had the best price for such a high quality cover. I will certainly recommend you to other pool owners. ”
   – Liz Williams, Regina, Saskatchewan, July 29th, 2017