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  • Swimming Pool Installation Mistakes

    Every swimming pool installation is unique.  If you are currently in the planning stage, it is essential to research and select the right pool builder and installer for your job.   An experienced and reputable firm will assess your property, space and landscaping goals.  They will be able to assist with budgeting, and outline long-term maintenance and operational costs.

    If you are in the process of obtaining quotes, you might find this list of common swimming pool installation mistakes the perfect quick reference or starting point.

    1. Research Your Pool Builder or Installer
    Pool owners will happily share their experiences. Be sure to check out websites, social media, the BBB.  Ask friends for referrals. Selecting an inexperienced or fly-by-night installer can lead to heartache and financial frustration.

    2. Cost of Installation versus Cost of Ownership
    Buying a swimming pool solely on price is never wise.  Be sure to entertain multiple quotes.  A lower cost or cheap installation can lead to unwanted, long-term maintenance or repairs.  Buyer beware.

    3. Location, Location, Location
    Have a location in mind? Let your contractor explain the pros and cons of your chosen location, and ask them for suggestions. An experienced swimming pool contractor will be able to assess your yard or property, and advise on the best location for a pool. They will take into account the existing or long-term landscaping, trees, the sun's path, municipal by-laws and proper drainage.  Consideration is given to safety and security, and many contractors can outline additional costs for mandatory fencing or other features.

    4. Bigger Is Not Better
    Sure, you have 4 acres.  Does this mean you should have a custom, in-ground Olympic pool installed?  Larger swimming pools lead to increased maintenance costs, more water consumption, and higher hydro bills.  Think twice about how big is big. When in doubt, ask your contractor for guidance.

    5. The Fine Print
    When it comes to designing your pool, do not let the excitement override the importance of reading the fine print.  Pay attention and review the warranties and guarantees. A swimming pool is a major investment, and reviewing the contract's fine print is essential.

    With a little bit of home-owner due diligence, many of the common swimming pool installation mistakes can be avoided.  Find yourself a reputable installer, and get ready to hit the water!

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