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  • Rodent Nests in Solar Blankets

    Spring has arrived, and with the longer days comes warmer weather.  For most swimming pool owners, spring marks the perfect occasion to review your inventory of pool supplies and accessories.  As you peruse your garage or shed in the coming weeks, the team at Sun Covers Canada urges you to check for rodent nests in solar blankets.

    rodent nests in solar blanketsYes, you read that correctly.  Rodent nests in solar blankets.

    During long, harsh winters, many rodents and pests, including chipmunks, squirrels, voles and mice seek out warm, cozy homes.  In the event you did not store your solar cover in a sealed container, chances are you may discover a few furry friends or the remains of their winter abode.

    If your solar blanket did not survive the winter without damage, consider getting a jump on the spring rush.  We are fully stocked, and ready to ship at a moments notice.

    Sun Covers Canada  - dedicated to providing premium pool covers and products, at unbeatable prices.

  • Garden Art from Recycled Covers

    Our sister company, Hot Tub Covers Canada, shared an unbelievable story last week.  A swimming pool expert in Paris, Ontario, creates incredible garden art and yard features using recycled hot tub covers.

    If you did not see the post shared on Facebook or Twitter, we urge you to have a quick read: Old Hot Tub Covers Get Recycled

    At Sun Covers Canada, we are always looking for innovative ways to recycle solar blankets and pool covers.  We can only hope someone out there can find a way to turn end-of-life plastics into creative décor, or even swimming pool friendly toys or gear.

    If you are interested in purchasing one of Steve's creations or would like to donate a hot tub cover to support his recycling initiative, be sure to visit Face Plants.

  • Recycling Your Solar Blanket

    The team at Sun Covers Canada was recently asked if recycling a solar blanket is possible.

    Given most solar blankets and sun covers are manufactured from Polyethylene and Low Density Polyethylene, they fall under plastic recycling code #4. Number four plastic products are typically reworked into garbage can liners, plastic lumber, squeeze bottles, frisbees, lawn furniture, and toys.

    While most municipalities include #4 plastics in recycling programs, a solar pool blanket or sun cover may require special handling. Before you dispose of the bulky plastic in your recycling bin, the team at Sun Covers Canada strongly urges you to call your local waste and recycling program for guidance.

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