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  • Five Benefits from Family Swimming

    winter swimming lessonsFamily swimming is a great way for kids and adults of any age to get moving and have fun. From splashing around, to blowing bubbles, family lap races, to diving for treasure. There are countless swimming games to keep your family occupied, whether at a public pool or in your backyard.

    The team at Sun Covers Canada created a list of the five benefits we think family swimming offers.

    Weight Management
    Childhood obesity is on the rise. Sedentary office workers are plagued by the risk of premature death. Improve your odds, and give your kids a great start by participating in water activities. While swimming breaststroke for 25-30 minutes beats out a walk of the same time, not all young children can keep up. Instead, engage in treading water or working on swimming laps as a family. Set goals as a group, and work towards improvement.

    Improved Mood
    Swimming is known to improve your mood. Studies have repeatedly shown swimmers at novice, intermediate, and advanced levels leave the pool feeling refreshed and upbeat. Clearly, water does have restorative powers.

    Build Muscles
    Water is thicker than air. Therefore, your body must work harder to move through it. Regardless of age, swimming or playing around in a pool helps keep your body fit and toned.

    Good Night’s Sleep
    Parents love the fact swimming helps their kids gets a good night’s sleep. In fact, anyone who partakes in swimming or other forms of regular exercise benefits from reduced insomnia.

    No Sweat?
    It’s true! Some family fitness activities (like running, bicycling, and soccer) leave you feeling over-heated and sweaty. Whereas family swimming leaves you feeling energized. All thanks to one simple fact: water is cooler than your core body temperature.

    Next time you are looking for a family-friendly activity, consider jumping in a pool. Swimming is wonderful low-impact exercise, and a fantastic way to stay connected with your loved ones.

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