An above ground or in ground solar blanket will be highly efficient for many years if cared for properly. To keep your solar cover functioning at its full capacity, and to enjoy its ongoing cost saving benefits, a proper cleaning of your solar cover should be performed when opening and closing your pool for the season, and 2-3 times throughout the summer months.

Having a pool in Canada means preparing your pool cover for the changing seasons. It is highly recommended to remove a solar cover and wash it before the season, as the bubbles are meant to capture the sun’s rays and store energy. Dirty solar covers will prevent the sun’s rays from getting to all depths of the water. When closing the pool due to colder temperatures, it is very important to remove the solar blanket. A blast of cold Canadian weather could impact the bubble’s ability to capture the sun’s rays.

Cleaning a pool cover is simple and effective. There is no need for chemicals or other cleaning solutions- a garden hose is all you will need.

  1. Remove the solar cover and thoroughly spray it with a garden hose as it lay on a flat surface.
  2. Allow it to air dry.
  3. Once the solar cover is ready to be stored, sprinkling some baby powder prior to folding is a good way to prevent the cover from “sticking” once its been folded.

Remember to keep your solar cover stored in a sealed container to prevent rodents and pests from accessing it.

Regular cleaning of your solar cover will allow your family to save money on heating your pool. A clean solar cover is more effective than a dirty one because it will allow more of the sun’s rays to pass through the solar cover to heat your pool water, no matter how deep.