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  • Myths About Swimming

    Our sister company, Hot Tub Covers Canada, wrote a great post last spring about swimming pool myths.  With the weather warming up enough across Canada for outdoor swimming, we thought it would be a great time to review the insight.

    Here is a synopsis of their article.

    Swimming Pool Myth #5: Swimming is not good for children with asthma.
    The Facts – Swimming in a well-maintained, ventilated (indoor) pool is an excellent way for asthmatics of all ages to increase lung function.

    Swimming Pool Myth #4: Chlorine turns hair green
    The Facts
    – Chlorine may get the bad name, but copper in algaecide or metal plumbing is to blame.

    Swimming Pool Myth #3: “Red Eye” is caused by chlorine
    The Facts – While chlorine has been attributed as the cause of “red eye”, it is not at fault.  Nitrogen from sweat and urine, when coupled with chlorine in pool water, causes chloramines to form.

    Swimming Pool Myth #2: If you pee in the pool, a dye will activate, and colour the water around you
    The Facts – More than 50% of the population think pool operators and private owners utilize an additive or dye to give away people who pee in water.  Sadly, there is no such additive or dye!

    Swimming Pool Myth #1: Wait one hour after eating before going swimming
    The Facts
    – In a 1908 Scouting manual, swimmers were harshly warned of certain death by cramping.  107 years later, and there has not been a single report of death or near-drowning due to eating before swimming.

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